Bronze Sculpture Post 2002 Gallery, Jean-Jacques Porret

The bronze sculptures displayed here started just as the ones before them did—with a vision, a mold, and wax. Using the lost wax method, our bronze sculpture artist fashions amazing pieces. Every piece of metal flows to another section or seam with grace and balance—exactly as it was envisioned.

For years, JJ Porret has sought to achieve "a sense of rightness" in his sculpture art. As you scroll through pieces like #305 Galantry, #330 Ingenue, and #377 Gitane, you can almost feel the flow. Venturing back to his past bronze sculptures, a deeper understanding shines through. Find the sculpture art that speaks to you most direct, and you find balance.

JJ Porret truly allows his personal vision to drive his work. This imbues each sculpture with such depth and intensity that it is difficult to fully appreciate the work until you are standing beside it. If you would like to learn more about his bronze sculptures for sale, his process, or the lost wax method, reach out to us here.