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Find beauty, inspiration, and artistry within the pure, unadulterated art form of the lost wax method. Through these fantastic modern sculptures, J. J. Porret delivers a physical representation of balance. Porret regards this as the sense of rightness his indoor and outdoor sculptures his pieces show. Audiences see this as elegance, recognizing various elements of life in each modern sculpture.

Whether your favorite piece communicates the balance of work and play, family and duty, truth and falsehoods, or life and death, we enjoy hearing about it. We would also be happy to answer any questions you might have about Porret's mantle and outdoor sculptures or the lost was method.

J. J. Porret is proud to be a bronze sculpture artist, and he is honored when you considered his work to be a part of your home, office, and life. Bronze sculpture artistry is truly a gift. For more information about Porret's modern art, please contact Jean Jacques Porret directly or at his studio:

JJ Porret Stuido:
4551 West 5th Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60624

P: 773.533.0450
F: 773.533-5849

Jean Jacques Porret (Sculptor)
1300 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60610

P: 312.787-0446
F: 312.787-0516

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