Drawings Gallery, Jean-Jacques Porret

J. J. Poret's artistic accomplishments are primarily in the realm of modern bronze sculptures. In truth, this is Poret's passion, his love, his focus; but it is still just a part of his artistry. Few things, save a conversation, demonstrate this more than his expressionism art drawings.

In his expressionist art, Porret trades bronze sculpture for picture and broadsheet. He peddles earth's stone and pebble for pastel and ink. He lends his bronze sculpture artistry to the canvas. He adds the perfect splash of insightful color to any environment.

His works are often a reflection of balance seen in his modern sculptures. In other pieces, the poise is positioned abstractly. In all of his work, the feel of modern sculpture is there. This remains true whether bright pastel lines swirl within hardened, black seams or when a face emerges from balancing peaks and valleys of color. Porret's modern, bronze sculpture artist roots are apparent seen.