Bronze Sculpture Prior to 2002 Gallery, Jean-Jacques Porret

When you first look at the fantastic bronze sculptures crated by JJ Porret, it is difficult to understand how this artwork was once a vision. They were. Every metal sculpture you see here was born from an idea of balance and an impression in wax.

Using the lost wax method, our artist gives birth to the beautifully balanced pieces you see here. This challenging approach to sculpting gives his work fluidity unmatched by other styles. In addition, these particular metal sculptures were all created before 2002, making them a part of our artist's history.

The turn of the century signals change. In JJ Porret's bronze sculptures, one feels the transition as they explore pieces from the 1980s like #181 Orage and #183 Whirlwind to his 1990s pieces like #245 Relentless. In all of these bronze sculptures for sale, balance, flow, and emotion, as well as the steadily pulling tide of time.